Smart Weight Bridges

​Sacrome helps innovating at a waste processing company to improve their workflow and automate tasks to try and prevent human mistakes.
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Posted on October 30, 2016

The ultimate plan is trying to use security cameras to scan the licence plates of garbage trucks when they pass a weigh bridge. Every time a truck is weighed, a security camera automatically turns and zooms in on the licence plate to get a high resolution snapshot. 

This snapshot is then scanned by licence plate recognition software, which then saves the licence plate along with the weight results into the processor's database. This allows the company to send out invoices completely 

Project timeline

Sacrome built a prototype licence plate scanning system, and proposed a demonstration for further development. This proposition was accepted and the project went off. 

Sacrome setup a sandbox environment to test and  map out the requirements for the lowest false positives ratio for the recognission software. 

Sacrome was invited to the processing facility and got a tour around the facility and was informed about the logistics. 

Sacrome ran tests on-site and was able to automatically fetch images for licence plates from live cameras. Cameras would pan and zoom to the right position, snap an image and return to their home position in sequence. 

Further progress on the system resulted in being able to feed the live captured images into the licence plate recoginition software and return the licence plate value.